Nautical Information

Power Squadron Sites -- The National United States Power Squadron website. -- The website for District 5. -- The benefits of membership in USPS. -- Our national newsletter, The Ensign. -- A nationwide list of Port Captains. A Port Captain is a member of USPS, who stands ready to provide advice and assistance to USPS members, and if the Port Captain c -- Sea Scout Ship 1942 affilliated with NVSPS. -- The Power Squadrons Mailing List (PSML for short). This is an interesting online Power Squadron resource available to all members. Members nationwide use this "bulletin board" kind of email facility to informally exchange questions, answers, opinions, and useful information. National officers and staff monitor the list, so you also can get answers directly from headquarters.

To join the list, go to this website. You can just watch the conversation, participate in dialogues, or toss in questions of your own. Want to know how other squadrons have organized cruises, prepared for the National USPS meetings, or handled new rules from USPS? You can look topics like these up on the archives or ask them anew if you don't find the answer. The discussions can be lively, so give it a try (you can easily unsubscribe from the list).

Government websites -- National Ocean Service (NOAA) Office of Coast Survey (OCS) produces nautical charts for United States waters. This site has a wealth of information about charts, symbol, critical updates, coast pilot, Chart No. 1, chart user manual, etc. Charts are available for download, too. -- The U.S.Coast Guard site provides maritime safety, law enforcement,recreational boating safety, and environmental protection information for merchant mariners, recreational boaters, fishermen, shipbuilders and governments. The latest version of navigation rules (COLREGS, Inland) are available for download. -- USCG Office of Boating Safety web site. Obtain information about: boating safety, federal regulations, publications and requirements; state grants, news and boating links. -- Local Notice to Mariners--use this to update your charts. -- USCG Lightlists and corrections. - Baltimore / Washington NWS Marine weather. - Forecast for Thomas Point Lighthouse. - Wind forecast from around the Chesapeake Bay. - Buoy data from around the country and offshore. - Buoy info including access to wind, wave periods, heights, direction and more. - Good site for weather info and forecasts country-wide. - U.S. Naval Observatory website.

Other Resources -- Automatic Identification System (AIS) discussion and equipment. -- Live monitoring of AIS-equipped vessels -- Rand McNally does maps. -- Boater Ed is an online discussion forum dedicated to boater education. -- Tidal Fish is a website dedicated to fishing in the Chesapeake and other areas. -- U.S. Boating has quizes on navigation lights, rules of the road, navigation, safety, and general boating knowledge. -- Boating Safety has a tutorial on Aids to Navigation. -- Excellent source of animated knot tying examples. -- The Tollesbury Sailing Club is an excellent source of animated knot tying examples. -- Find the Weather for any City, State or ZIP Code, or Country. This is a very user-friendly site for all kinds of weather info. -- Accuweather forecasts for any City, State or ZIP Code. -- The Weather Channel has forecasts for all over the U.S.